Monthly Challenges

Inspiring Members to Push Their Boundaries

A Monthly Challenge is an optional art-making project for members to participate in. These challenges usually take the form of a unique prompt centered around some aspect of comic creation. These events should be a low-stress opportunity to try new, strange things and add tools to member's mental toolboxes of comic creation.

Scroll down to see some examples from past Monthly Challenges!

Wordless Introduction

Create a wordless comic or comic strip about yourself and what’s important to you. This comic can be any format or medium, colored or uncolored, using as many or as few panels as you wish (Seriously- it can be 1 panel!)

 You can choose to approach this as a self-portrait, an emotive expression of your passions, a joke, a timeline, or any other idea you have- the sky’s the limit. The only rule is that no dialogue may be used, including narration, thought bubbles, and word bubbles.

Setting the


Create a comic page or panel that emphasizes lighting, color, or both in a meaningful way. Use lighting and color to evoke mood, convey information, or set the scene.

If you aren't sure how to try this, consider using an unusal light source such as a flashlight, street light, fire, or glow stick. Your scene could be monochrome, poorly lit, dramatically backlit... the sky's the limit!



Create a comic page (OR standalone panel) that establishes location and setting. Establishing shots help readers quickly understand what environment a new scene is taking place in.


Establishing shots are crucial in order to not "lose" the reader in between scenes. The best establishing shots can be understood at a glance- clarity is important!